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Wellness Care


Regular physical examinations are by far the most important preventive care that veterinarians provide. Since pets age three to five years per calendar year, major health changes can happen quickly. We recommend yearly exams for pets under 6 years old, and twice yearly exams for senior pets (over 7 years of age). These exams detect problems before they cause untreatable complications. Examples include:

  • Detecting and monitoring heart murmurs
  • Testing and/or removing skin masses, which can be a common place for pet cancers to start
  • Discovery and treatment and/or removal of damaged or infected teeth before painful abscesses form or other body functions are affected by oral bacteria
  • Monitoring weight as a key indicator of overall health or health changes

​Senior pets require special care, ask us how to save with our Senior Wellness Packages!

Vaccinations are an important way to help protect pets against common preventable diseases. We follow the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Associations' recommendations for canine and feline vaccination, eliminating the risks of over vaccination. Adult pets are vaccinated for Rabies and Distemper every three years, instead of annually. We also tailor the use of vaccines to fit the needs of the individual pet and their lifestyle.

Vaccine titers (blood tests) are also available to determine a pet's level of immunity to a certain disease. These tests may indicate that revaccination is not currently necessary. This is especially beneficial for pets with severe adverse reactions to vaccines.

Heartworm, Tick Disease, and Intestinal Parasite Testing & Prevention

We recommend yearly Heartworm, Tick Disease, and Intestinal Parasite testing. Heartworm Disease can be fatal if not treated, and untreated Tick Borne Diseases can cause serious health complications. Yearly fecal testing allows us the opportunity to ensure your pet is free from worms and other parasites that can affect the health of your pet.

As well as testing, we recommend year round use of heartworm and intestinal parasite preventives. Although the mosquitoes that transmit Heartworm Disease are not around in the winter, intestinal parasites can be acquired even in the cold weather months. A once a month treatment can prevent them from worming their way into your pet's life. We offer cost effective preventive options that your pet will love.

We also recommend monthly Flea and Tick preventive use. Fleas can be a year round problem for dogs and cats, while ticks are mainly dormant in the winter months, but become active in the spring through late fall. We utilize an outside pharmacy to compound a topical preventive spray that is easy to use and economical for use with all the dogs and cats in your household.

In-House Pharmacy

We offer a fully stocked in-house pharmacy for the convenience of our clients. We can fill your pet's prescription while you wait, saving you time and money.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition plays a huge role in the overall health of your pet. We highly recommend feeding your pet a grain free diet. Diets loaded with grains and other fillers can cause many of the common health conditions we see, such as: digestive issues, ear infections, chronic skin problems, and chronic anal gland problems.

Other Benefits of Grain Free Food:

  • Decreased food intake
  • Less pet waste
  • Less shedding and healthier coats
  • Reduced allergies and better overall health
  • More energy
  • Better breath​

​Feeding a premium diet is the first step to better health, but feeding too much can be a problem. Obesity is a common problem in pets, and can cause many health related complications. From joint pain to impaired organ function, excess weight takes it's toll on your pet's health, and can shorten overall life span. We will work with you to design a feeding plan that fits your pet's lifestyle, and keeps them in optimum condition.

Microchipping is a quick and inexpensive way to permanently identify your pet, and can be done during a routine veterinary visit. Our microchips are from AKC Reunite, and require no annual or information change fees. You can update your information at any time by going online or calling the toll free number. The best part is your pet's microchip will be registered in the AKC database before you leave the office!

You can learn more about AKC Reunite Microchips here: 

Want to have your pet microchipped? You can download and print the AKC Reunite Enrollment Form below. Collect all of your contact information, and bring the form with you to your appointment.

AKC Reunite Enrollment Form

If you do not already have AdobeReader® installed on your computer, Click Here to download.

Download the form, print it out and fill in the required information.

Fax us your printed and completed form or bring it with you to your microchip appointment.

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